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Le 13 November 2015, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

The most popular lifestyle in America For the first time in America the single lifestyle is the most popular and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than 50 percent of Americans now choose to live single. According to a Sept. 9 report from Bloomberg, the single lifestyle has not been the majority since statistics have been gathered beginning in 1976.

According to Dr. moncler outlet online Bella DePaulo, people who are not afraid of being single are also more secure with themselves and do not tend to be hurt very easily. This type of lifestyle personality also includes being comfortable with being alone without feeling lonely.

As the single lifestyle becomes more popular in American culture, the indication of people in general feeling more self reliant may moncler outlet become more evident. In order to live comfortably in this popular lifestyle, America must also feel much more secure in the ability to exist and survive alone.

This popular trend may also be an indication of what is to come in America. In a University of Toronto Study, people who are comfortable with the single lifestyle are also more secure with themselves and the world they live in. There is a certain strength in knowing that living this type of lifestyle does not mean being lonely. This study also indicated that the single personality type is also more open.


Living this single lifestyle in America is for the first time more popular than marriage. Repercussions from such a drastic moncler outlet store shift in the American mindset will be seen for years to come.

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The Most Popular Attractions in Quebec City Various of the most wellknown tourist attractions in Quebec City have become an integral part of city life, for example Quebec City's Dufferin Terrace and Promenade des Gouverneurs boardwalks, which lie alongside the scenic St. Also renowned, river cruises around Quebec City are a relaxing way to view various of moncler outlet online the city's most striking architectural attractions from a distance.

Quebec City has much to provide to its visitors, so don waste time. Pick out the perfect for you hotel in Quebec City and visit its various attractions most popular of which are listed bellow. With the central tower, the building stands at 52 meters height. The Qu national flag, known as "fleurdelis has been flying from the central tower since 1948. Twentyfour bronze statues of some of the most prominent figures in Qu tumultuous background gaze out from the facade, which pay tribute to the women and men who've made historical impression on Qu society. Nearby you can find some lovely Quebec City hotels providing fascinating view towards it. The armory was also home to a cadet corps. John Gate, in the moncler outlet store very heart of Old Qu this site bears witness to around 250 years of history. Nowadays, you can discover one by one its exceptional buildings and other installations that reflect the military and industrial history of Qu Royale Birthplace of French America, the historical site of PlaceRoyale welcomes countless numbers of visitors every year. Its narrow and picturesque streets have witnessed 3 centuries of history. A few of its buildings are a component of the cultural complex managed by the Mus de la civilisation, responsible for the site's animation and interpretation.

If you are fascinated to go to this remarkable city it is a great idea to book online hotel in Quebec City in advance. Here you moncler outlet may have the top discounted rates, and also the largest variety of hotels to choose from.